Mediterranean Folk Embroidery

Embroidery Kits & Supplies

For those who would like to experience the joy and satisfaction of making their own heirloom folk embroideries, we offer embroidery kits which contain the ground fabric, historic pattern, and DMC 100% cotton floss. If this is your first experience, we recommend our "BitKits" which are small, inexpensive kits featuring historic designs that will give you a taste of folk embroidery. If you've done cross-stitch before, then you can choose one of our standard Embroidery Kits, which feature a variety of traditional designs in a range of sizes. Our Videos & Demos page shows how to do the basic folk embroidery stitch as well as how to hem your completed piece.

We have an extensive library of historic and vintage embroidery patterns from Greece and will be continually adding to our embroidery kit designs, so check back frequently for new designs!

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BitKits: when you want a little bit of embroidery

ISC Design 103
BitKit 601 (6"x9") $12.00

ISC Design 103
BitKit 602(6"x9") $12.00

ISC Design 103
BitKit 603(6"x9") $12.00

Embroidery Kits: when you want a full-size historic design

ISC Design 103
Kit 201 16-1/2" sqaure $38.00

ISC Design 103
Kit 211 16-1/2" square $38.00

ISC Design 103
Kit 212 16-1/2" square $38.00
standard kit 214
Kit 214 16-1/2" square $38.00
Kit 216
Kit 216 12x16" $42.00
ISC Design 103
Kit 218 12x16" $38.00

Fabric by the yard: when you're ready to adapt patterns to the sizes you want

Much of folk embroidery's charm and beauty is due to the kind of ground cloths it is worked on. These are typically cotton or linen "counted thread" fabrics, which mean you count the threads to place your stitches instead of stitching in little pre-made holes like Aida cloth. If you have only worked cross-stitch embroidery on Aida, you will be amazed at the difference in the finished embroidery when worked on a traditional groundcloth! These fabrics are very comfortable to work on and have a beautiful substance without being stiff.

  1. Handwoven groundcloth: this is 100% cotton hand-woven traditional Greek groundcloth and provides a lovely, charming finished embroidery. 70 inches wide. Color: warm "wheat" color. It is the fabric we use most often in our embroidery kits.
  2. Mikini groundcloth: this is 100% cotton and works up to about 15 stitches to the inch, is a bit crisper than the hand-woven, and provides a finer. 70 inches wide. Colors: white and sacaree (a deep ivory/ecru; sacaree means raw sugar in Greek).
  3. Elvetzia groundcloth: this is 100% cotton and similar to the Mikini but more sheer, which gives a unique finished effect and can be used for beautiful, gossamer drawn thread work. 70 inches wide. Colors: white only.
  4. Handwoven embroidery fabric in sacaree color
    Handwoven fabric $45/yd
    "wheat" color
    Mikini embroidery fabric in white
    Mikini fabric $50/yd
    sacaree color
    Mikini embroidery fabric in white
    Mikini fabric $40/yd
    white color

    Elvetzia fabric $45/yd
    white color