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Blue Urn Design

Blue Urn is a lovely, classic design in a beautiful blue colorway. It features a large decorative urn spilling over with flowers and leaves in shades of blue, brown, celadon, and gold. Echoing the motifs of ancient Greece, the designs in Blue Urn can also be found in the Federal-era and Gothic Revival periods of art in America and the arch-and-point border is reminiscent of Gothic Revival trimwork.

Blue Urn 15x15
Blue Urn 15x15 square $12

Blue Urn 13x20
Blue Urn 13x20 $25

Blue Urn 17x38
Blue Urn 17x38 $80

Blue Urn 35x35
Blue Urn 35x35 large square $105

Blue Urn 15x58
Blue Urn 15x58 runner $60

Blue Urn 15x70
Blue Urn 15x70 runner $70